Eat that Frog with Pomodoro Technique — Let’s kill Procrastination

Clock of a Procrastinator

This is me. I am a procrastinator and like me there are millions of other people in the world who are following the same footsteps of God knows who. This feeling is what stops you from doing your homework on time, preparing for a test, learning a new skill, going to that seminar that will benefit you and even waking up early to go attend a class. All in all, it stops you from being productive and doing things you should have already done. The major cause that hinders between you and completion of a task is the technology named as “Mobile Phone”. Social Media applications are a huge source of entertainment but simultaneously, they are a big reason why you never learned that new skill or why you were late completing the assignment and had no time to review it.

Time is an asset and the most valuable thing to human beings. The question is how can I stop wasting it and actually start saving it and become more productive. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo. The best part is, it actually works.

Pomodoro Technique

What you have to do is set a 25 minute timer and start working on your task. Anything that distracts you within those 25 mins, write them down and continue with your work without being distracted. After the timer rings, take a short break, 3–5 mins are ideal. Then reset the 25 min timer again and continue with the same procedure. Take a 3–5 mins gap again after the timer runs off. This way you will see massive change in your progress and actually be able to accomplish your task without wasting time.

I tried doing this on my project work that was overdue and I had been delaying it for a long time. I had to design a model of a house. The task being lengthy, led to procrastination and I was not able to complete it until now. I found this method and thought of giving it a try. Eat that frog with Pomodoro Technique. What frog are they talking about? Well, the frogs are a symbol of anything that leads to procrastination and eating it means to finish it.

So the next time a frog leaps in your way, you eat it with the Pomodoro technique.



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Salman Aslam

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